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Five Reasons You Need Mindset Coaching

People often ask me "What's my mindset got to do with anything? I get upset, I have an upset mindset. I'm happy, I have a happy mindset. I get frustrated, I have a frustrated mindset. I don't see what there is to even work at."

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the vast majority of people don't even begin to realize what a mindset is, let alone what theirs is or what it does to them, or for them, every day. I usually engage with these people for a few minutes, explain to them what a mindset is, ways that mindsets get formed and ways that our mindsets influence just about every aspect of our lives, big or small, and either help us or hurt us. I give them some examples and ask them some questions and then I watch as their facial expressions show they've seen some personal attachment to the things I've said; some specific examples of how their own lives have been influenced by their own mindset, and it's usually not in a positive way.

That's the "Ahaa!" moment I live for; when a person realizes that they are the source of all of their feelings, attitudes and emotions. When they realize that they are more in control of nearly everything that happens in their lives and how they handle those things than they ever even suspected was possible. It's in that moment that a person has the opportunity to make a choice that can literally change the rest of their lives. It's their crossroads moment of truth.

So, here are five things that most people don't know that are the most important reasons for planning a mindset coaching strategy with a professional mindset coach:

  1. You have a mindset - Whether you realize it or had a hand its formation or not you have a mindset that drastically impacts your day to day living. Our mindsets are either helping us or hurting us and if you're not aware that you have a singular mindset then yours is hurting you.

  2. Your Mindset is Singular - Your mindset doesn't change with your mood. It doesn't change with your circumstance and it doesn't change with your feelings. It doesn't change with the events of your day. Your mindset is deeper than all of those things and, rather than being a product of those things, it is the cause of those things in your day to day life, every day.

  3. Your Mindset Brings You Joy or Pain - How your mindset is put together determines how you experience life. You are either a person that experiences joy regularly, even in times when others can't understand how you do it, or you are a person that experiences pain in ways that others around you can't always relate to. It's the "glass is half empty or it's half full" personality trait on steroids. Your mindset can either ensure your glass is always nearly full or it can guarantee that no matter how full your glass is you'll find a way to spill it.

  4. Your Mindset Controls Your Life - Every day, in every way, your mindset is in control of your life. The things you say, the things you do, the ways you experience things, the things you experience, the ways you interact with people and even the people you interact with. All of those things are products of the particular mindset you are living with.

  5. You Control Your Mindset - You determine what you want to have the power in your life. You determine what makes up the thoughts that guide you. You control how those things come together to form your mindset. There is nothing your mindset does that you don't allow it to do and only you can make it do what you want it to do.

A talented mindset coach has the knowledge, information and tools and the skill to bring them all together to guide you through the process of crafting your mindset, from beginning to end. It's up to you to decide if you want to be in control of your life and where you're heading or whether you want to be a victim of the circumstances of your life, constantly dancing to someone else's drum. If living a joyful life each day, enjoying the moments, while at the same time moving steadily towards your goals then reach out to a mindset coach today and make it happen. Your crossroads moment of truth is waiting for you.

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