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Student, Teacher, Coach

I'm a lifelong learner. When I was young I couldn't learn enough, fast enough. One of my favorite gifts was getting a second hand set of the Encyclopedia Britannica when I was 8. I was always the kid that other kids came to for advice and always deeply interested in why people thought and did what they do. That love of learning and "Why?" led me to my secondary education disciplines of Education and Psychology.  
As a young man I found a calling to be teacher and coach. I've worked with hundreds of at-risk youth as the Director of a non-profit Jr. golf program and dozens of foster youth and former foster youth as a Transitional & Independent Living Counselor at a non-profit working with the Dept. of Health and Human services. I was the "listening ear and go to advice guy" for 10 years as the owner/operator of a Grill and Bar and through it all I've taught private golf lessons using the EgoFree method to elevate clients' mindset in the pursuit of a more enjoyable golf game as well as a more enjoyable life.

I have been coaching an EgoFree Mindset for more than 30 years.   

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You are either in control of yourself or you are a victim of the circumstances of your life.

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