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EgoFree Golf and the EgoFree Academy

Golf is a microcosm of life and offers those who work at it unlimited opportunities for personal growth, fun and, increasingly, professional growth. EgoFree Golf is about spreading those opportunities in a fun, informative and very personal way. 

The EgoFree Academy is a Jr golf and youth nonprofit that uses golf as a vehicle to teach the golf-to-life transferrable skills to kids, especially kids that might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience them. Skills like resilience, perseverance, integrity, honesty, strong work ethic, goal setting, and a growth mindset.
Open to all kids age 7 to 18, with a special emphasis on girls of color between the ages of 14 and 18, EgoFree Academy offers daily after school training, a 16 week, twice weekly, evening program consisting of life-skills curriculum and golf training, weekly summer camps, and weekly training sessions on Saturdays.


Private Instruction

For 32 years I've been helping people of all ages learn to understand, and enjoy the process that is playing the game of golf. They say golf is a game for a lifetime, and nothing could be more true. It's also, for those of us that want to improve how well we play, a learning process and a challenge for a lifetime. I believe the connection between student/client and instructor forms the foundation of a successful endeavor in golf. That energy exchange will either facilitate progress, or it will hinder it. 

Forming that relationship and using it to teach technique, philosophy, and execution is where I excel as an instructor.

I offer programs for strengthening and mobility for players of all ages, classes exclusively for women, summer clinics on chipping, and pitching inside of 100 yards, putting, and introduction to golf for beginners of all ages, so there's something for everyone.

Let's connect and work together to make your golf more enjoyable. 

Gary A. - Top.PNG

Gary, a beginner golfer, at the top of his backswing, two months after starting to work with me. 

Empowering Girls Through Golf

Empowering Girls Through Golf, EgoFree Academy's flagship program, aims to make golf accessible, inviting, comfortable, and fun for girls of color in the Omaha area. 
We know golf to be an instrument of growth, change, and opportunity, and we believe it's a better game when those positive elements are made available to everyone. 

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