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Mindset Coaching

EgoFree Coaching is a non-judgmental, personalized mindset coaching program custom tailored to each client's needs.

One on one sessions are in-depth, focused and designed to move at the pace most conducive to the client's long term, fundamental and long-lasting understanding and growth. Sessions last from 45 to 75 min. One on one sessions can be booked individually or a 60 day plan including one meeting each week, with or without an additional plan for on-going support.

Workshops are designed to bring each participant to an elevated understanding of their own individual mindset circumstances, leave them with a better understanding of what they can do to make mindset changes on their own, and the tools to help them make those changes.

The EgoFree Pyramid is the visual representation of the the EgoFree method. Each step is at the same time a goal in and of itself and also the foundation of the level above. It is the method of building a solid, empowering mindset that stands up to pressure and creates joy.

Life truly is what we make it. We can either choose to make the most of it for ourselves, or we can choose to let others make it what they want it to be.
We can empower ourselves to take control of our lives or we can allow ourselves to become victims of circumstance, carried along haplessly by the events and people that we come into contact with or that are parts of our past. It doesn't take long to realize that when you let other people control your life it usually works out better for them than it does for you.


Taking control of your life can seem like a daunting task with no clear place to start. It's not.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, self-sabotage, fear of failure or of success, procrastination, stagnation, loss, romantic relationships, parenting or family relationships, sadness or depression, career ambiguity or unhappiness or any of a number of the other daily issues millions of people face every day, an EgoFree, growth mindset helps you realize that you are your own best asset and shows you how to get out of your own way as your empowered thoughts move you towards your goals and enable you to enjoy yourself along the way. 

Life is too short to spend time spinning your wheels or stuck in the same ruts. Make a change today that can improve your tomorrow and the rest of your life.

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